The Management Learning 'Most Thought-Provoking Ph.D. Student Paper' Award

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Management Learning is a fully peer-reviewed international journal publishing original theoretical, empirical and exploratory articles on learning and knowing in management and organizations. Positioned as the 'Journal for Critical, Reflexive Scholarship on Organisation and Learning', Management Learning provides a unique forum for critical inquiry, innovative ideas and dialogue that aims to advance theory and practice.

The journal is ranked as 3* on the ABS list and has a 2-year impact factor of 1.836.

We are pleased to announce the Management Learning 'Most Thought-Provoking PhD Student Paper' Award. The Award will be given to the paper that offers a challenge to existing ways of thinking about, or doing, qualitative research. To be eligible, you must be a current Ph.D. student.

The paper receiving the award will be sent out to constructive review and fast-tracked through the system so that it will be published in the journal as soon as it is accepted. The winner will also receive a year’s free subscription to the journal.

The previous winners were:

  • James McDonald (2013) Coming out in the field: A queer reflexive account of shifting researcher identity. Management Learning, 44, 2: 127-143.
  • Christopher J McLachlan & Reece J Garcia (2015) Philosophy in practice? Doctoral struggles with ontology and subjectivity in qualitative interviewing. Management Learning, 46, 2: 195-210.
  • Jennifer Manning (forthcoming) Becoming a decolonial feminist ethnographer: Addressing the complexities of positionality and representation

If you would like your paper to be considered for the award, please email Ann at by February 19th with a copy of your Abstract and indicate your intention to apply. Please send your full paper to Ann by March 20th 2018.

Information about the journal can be found at: