D. Soyini Madison

Northwestern University, USA

Performance, Ethnography, and Communication: Improvisation and Embodied Experience

The talk explores the intersections of performance, ethnography, and communication. It will also focus on ethnography as an improvisational and embodied process that comes into being through symbolic, sensory, and communicative action. Communication will be discussed as processes of message production, advocacy, and civic engagement. The talk raises questions relating to performative-witnessing and critical empathy across cultures, groups, and organizations (nationally and transnationally) as well as the hermeneutics and deep listening required of oral histories, in-depth interviews, and staging ethnographic data.


Patti Lather

Ohio State University, USA

Qualitative Research 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0: Toward the Post-Qualitative

This talk asks what opens up if we view the development of qualitative research as layerings of “old school” and “new new” methodologies. Situating some practices as “positivist qualitative methods” or “conventional interpretive methodology” or “plain old ethnography,” I explore working both within and against the established practices toward the “always already” of that which begins to announce itself in terms of “post-qualitative” work.